Anthologyofamess is the home for performance activities and events in various and fluid forms brought to you by Mariana Camiloti, Antonio de la Fe, Petra Söör, Manou Koreman and Robert Vesty. Anthologyofamess is a project that could be seen both as a framework and as a looking glass zooming in on experience, transformation, patterns, performance-making and the present. An anthology, a collection of events that are continuous  evolving with the word mess referring to the non-tamable nature of dance and performance.

Anthologyofamess is a stable for living forms, people, performers, dancers, librarians…

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“Life is not driving us toward one solution. The world is interested in pluralism. Only in this way can it discover more about itself.”

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MARIANA CAMILOTI – dance artist

(according to Robert Vesty):

Mariana is a dancer who carries poise, grace and streaks of mischief amongst the many. Her dancing is amalgamous – spinning ballet background with the abstract oh-so-au-courant. In other pursuits she teaches Pilates. You might see her as a rare peak from southern shores; an outlandish crimson. You might notice the heat and urgency of her smile and how it feels as if it would keep all ills, near-and-far, at bay.

A DE LA FE – choreographer and performer

(according to Mariana Camiloti):

A is one of a kind: a mover, maker, performer… a Klein-keen practitioner. A scorpion with infinite ideas that constantly pops out of their head and pours down their body in form of earthquakey dances. A slap in the face for the unsuspecting ones. A sweet Cheshire Cat smile, a chocolate bon bon with a juicy culito.

PETRA SÖÖR – performer

(according to Antonio de la Fe):

Petra is a gifted dancer and sensitive performer. She is frightfully feral yet wouldn’t ever even harm a fly. She has performed as a freelance dancer within all types of genre and size scales, from audacious re-staging of classics at the National Theatre, to Royal Opera House works for children, to contemporary dance projects in theatres as well as in unconventional spaces, especially outdoors.

MANOU KOREMAN – dancer/model/writer

(according to Robert Vesty):

Manou just wants to be told what to do. She says. But she also got it all going on for herself. Multi-disciplinary artist – film, dance, model, and writer. Manou is based in Brussels. Currently exploring further ventures where dance and theatre cross and weave.

ROBERT VESTY – performer/lecturer/researcher

(according to Petra Söör):

Rob is a performance and Feldenkrais practitioner, PhD researcher, teacher, and in all things he does a poet. Rob is keen on things in the becoming, fermentation, and living cultures of things that bubble, on or off stage. He nurtures things with great care and picks up what’s left over. He used to live on a boat, now he lives in Stratford with Antonio but goes where his red warm heart tells him he is needed.


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